What is Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)?

It is any substance that is toxic, flammable, corrosive, reactive, infectious, or radioactive.  Examples: Paint, Gasoline, Fertilizer, Paint Thinner, Glue, Oil, and many more items you can find in your home or garage.  Because of the toxic nature of these chemicals, safe disposal is a must.  To avoid potential contamination of water supply or personal injury, all Rush County residents may bring toxic chemicals to the Clean Green Rush Tox-Away Center the first Saturday morning of each month (weather permitting).

Helpful Tips for HHW:

  1. Read the label and follow directions.
  2. Pay close attention to label warnings like flammable, poisonous or danger, keep away from pets, children and wildlife.
  3. Buy only what you need, use it all up, or give it to someone else to use.
  4. Always dispose of properly and store according to label directions.
  5. Do NOT dump leftovers down the drain or in the yard.
  6. Do NOT burn, bury or throw in the trash.
  7. Never remove the label from container

Some of the most common household hazardous waste items are:

Acid, Adhesives, Aerosols, All-purpose cleaners, Ammonia, Antifreeze, Ant poison, Asphalt sealer, Automotive fluids, Ballasts, Bathroom cleaner, Batteries, Biodiesel, Brake fluid, Bug spray, Carburetor cleaner, Chlorine bleach, Compact fluorescent  bulbs, Computers, Computer monitors, Creosote sealer, De-greaser, Diesel fuel, Disinfectant, Drain cleaner, Electronics, Epoxy,  Flammable liquids, Flea spray/shampoo, Floor wax, Fluorescent light bulbs, Freon, Fungicide, Furniture Polish, Gasoline, Helium tanks, Herbicide, HID lights (sodium, mercury, and metal halide), Insecticide, Kerosene, Lead and oil-based paints, Lighter fluid, Linseed oil, Mercury, Mercury-containing devises, Mercury thermometers and thermostats, Metal polish, Mildew removers, Mineral spirits, Moth balls, Motor oil, No-pest strips, Oily rags, Oven cleaners, Paints and stains (lead and oil-based), Paint thinner, PCB Ballast and transformers, Pepper spray, Pesticide, Pharmaceuticals, Photographic chemicals, Polyurethane and other floor and deck finishes, Pool chemicals, Propane tanks (20 lb.), Radiator flush, Rodent killer, Roofing tar, Root killer, Rust inhibitor,  Salts, Sealant (non-latex), Septic tank cleaners, Solvents, Spot remover, Stains (oil-based), Television, Thermometers, Thermostats, Tires, Toilet Bowl cleaner, Transmission fluid, Upholstery cleaner, Used motor oil, Varnishes, Weed killer, Window cleaner, Wood strippers and preservatives.

 This site has a more complete list of over 360 items listed with disposal or recycling methods. Click here to view complete list.