Here are web sites that have good information on living greener.  We will add to them as we find them.  Feel free to let us know of your favorites as well.   Kaila Williams  with the Mesothelioma Cancer Network, located at reached out in an effort to bring awareness to the risks of asbestos and the importance of practicing safe asbestos removal procedures to reduce these risks. Asbestos can be recycled under certain safe conditions but also can cause some deadly health risks.

Oliver Smith wrote this article with a lot of good points about recycling.

Ottis from American Ostrich Farms shared this link:
Ms Wagner at the Learning Haven shared Mason’s article on eco-friendly cars.  Good job, Mason.
This is a site includes information on the environmental impact of Electric Bicycles.  Thanks you Hanna Bass for sharing as you work towards your Eco Trekker Girl Scout badge.  Kathy Clark writes that their youth ministry found this site that has ways for youngsters to go green.  They found good information of the links shared on this resource page and wanted to add one that they found helpful.  Good work Aubree.  Recycling 101: How & Why You Should Recycle from Edelyn Cali, digital librarian assistant who also submitted the comprehensive recycling guide  This site teaches everything from carpooling, how easy it is to have a vehicle run with low emissions levels, and much more according to Meghan and Layla Guerriero.  Thanks for sharing this site.  The Green Home Resource Guide (Thanks, Lorie Dyson, for suggesting this site)  Thanks Sherry Matamorosa for sharing.  She also suggested some other resource websites: The pros and cons of going solar  Xerioscaping-How to Create a Drought-Tolerant Landscape.  This is one of my favorite site for all around good information. (check out the 2 minute video on plastic bags “the problem”) (You can connect with our local freecycle group by email:  This link was sent to us by a teacher from a charter school who likes our site.  She learned about it from one of her students.  Additional resources on cleaning, recycling, etc.    This is a great book (26 pages) of games and crafts on recycling that youngsters will enjoy.

The following resource sites were sent to us by Arianna Hernandez, a science teacher for some lovely students at Valley Charter School in Northern California.  Thanks for sharing!

Environmental Studies –

Environmentally Friendly Cars –

Alternative Energy Sources –

Green Furniture Guide –

The resource site below came from Alyssa Britton, a teacher at Jean Massieu Academy in Grand Prairie, Texas.  A big “thank you” for sending this to us.

From Terry William, retired mechanical specialist and volunteer middle school educator, offered yet another site that his class found helpful – ‘EcoFriendly Cars & Green Auto Tips’

Christina Nill, all the way from Colorado writes, “My Girl Scouts found your resources to be so helpful while they are working very hard on earning their Go Green! badges! As a thank you for being so helpful, the kids wanted to suggest another resource:

This resource site has a lot of information about your automobile’s carbon footprint.

Harness the Power of the Sun: The Complete Guide to Using Solar Energy

Composting 101

Going Green with Solar Panels in the Home

24 Ways to Make Your Classroom Eco Friendly This Year

Eco & Environmental Scholarships, Internships, and Activities

Go Green & Get Green: Tax Rebates and Incentives for Green Home Improvements

Green Jobs: A Resource Guide for Individuals with Disabilities